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Uphill Designs was born from founder Dan Sedlacek's 2665 mile thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013. Using a backpack and tent he had sewn himself, a vision emerged to build a company centered on community, adventure, and gear. Today, our small, passionate team designs and handcrafts leather and canvas goods in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA. We combine the rustic aesthetic of the trail with elements of modern design to create unique lifestyle and adventure goods built to last. We are always up for designing your perfect product so you have specific requests don't hesitate to reach out!
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The team

Uphill Designs founder Dan Sedlacek


Uphill Designs co-founder Mallory Monahan


Dan founded Uphill Designs after thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013. During the 2,665 miles, he carried a tent and pack he had sewn himself. He was given the trail name Uphill for his love of steep climbs and breathtaking views. Dan now uses his M.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Washington to create hiking equipment perfect for the trail. Outside of the workshop he also loves to climb cliffs all over Washington.

Mallory is the lead strategist and marketer at Uphill Designs. She joined the team after completing a Masters of Science in Bioengineering with a focus on Global Health Diagnostics from the University of Washington. She loves exploring the back-country of Glacier National Park and takes her camera wherever she goes. When she is not cutting and tanning leather or writing press releases she loves to teach yoga and make chocolate-centric desserts.

Dan Sedlacek with some intense floating actionMallory Monahan staking her claim
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Creative guru Carolyn Wassmer


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Much Ragknarr doge, wowwww


Oliver is the company intern. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in economics at the University of Washington. When not cutting fabric and making leather products, he enjoys biking, singing in the shower, and interpretive dance.

Carolyn is the digital marketing and design intern here at Uphill Designs. From shooting product photos, to designing stickers, she does it all. Carolyn attends Cornish College of the Arts, where she is pursuing a degree in graphic design. When she’s not pushing pixels around on her sticker covered laptop, she’s likely frolicking in the mountains or asking strangers if she can pet their dog.

Sami is Sami

Raggy Raggy

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