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On Tuesday, February 18th I was hurriedly setting up leatherworking stations at The Arctic Room in downtown Seattle. Minutes later, Stanley sales reps, who had spent the day sitting through presentation and product pitches, started filtering up from the hotel bar. They approached the crafting tables, curious, but tentative and tired. I showed what we were making - a leather-wrapped Stanley flask, but it was up to them how they would brand, tool, dye, and shape their piece. In minutes the room was flowing with ideas as people discovered new tools and techniques.

One flask was dyed multi-colored, one had a checkerboard of logos burned into it (we had made a custom Stanley flying bear logo just for the occasion). One of the men, excited to make a gift for his wife hammered her initials in, but messed up. The look of delight on his face was priceless when I showed him my trick of pressing out the letter and resetting the 'S' perfectly. What could have easily been an end of the day throw-away event became a point of creativity and connection - the team joked, talked, created, and walked away with custom versions of their company's newest product.

We believe team building events should be as incredible as your team. Tactile learning and taking the risk to create with your hands deepens communication and connection. Your team will walk away with a heritage product they’ll tell stories about. We take care of everything for the event including food and drinks, and can cater the menu to your needs. We've paired up with a local Sommelier to offer high end wine tastings. Another favorite addition is a tasting from our high-end whiskey collection including Japanese gems (Nikka Coffey Grain), aged Scotch (Lagavulin 16 yr), Irish (RedBreast 12 yr), and local favorites (Westland American Oak, and Mischief Purple Tibetan).

We’ve worked with teams from Facebook, Patagonia, Stanley, Wunderman Thompson and more to deliver custom creative experiences that make a lasting impression whether at a conference or in the privacy of our rustic Ballard Studio space. Other team leads have told us: "Team Building" activities like Axe-Throwing, Escape Rooms provided little creativity or ambiance, while going to a bar provided drinks but little activity or privacy and things like "Paint & Sip" fell far short of truly engaging teams.


We often host classes to the general public.

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Gift certificates are $125 each. When a date is set, those with gift certificates get first dibs to sign up for our public classes.

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team building

Treat the team to a hands-on creative experience and a product built to last a lifetime.
We can host or travel to your business locations
Suggested size 6-14 people.

Current classes include leather belt-making, and leather wrapped flask making.

Add a whiskey or other spirits tasting to the event! Requires one month notice.

Custom Logos: For companies, we offer custom branding heads with your name and or logo for the price of the brass heads. Requires one month notice.


Have a small group of friends and interested in having your own private leather-working class, We would love to host you or travel to your space. Suggested party size 6-14 people.

Birthday parties, bachelor & bachelorette parties, anniversaries.

The beautiful, rustic Uphill Workshop is available to rent for your unique experience - we can provide bartending, photography services, and AV equipment, for an extra charge.

Let's engage in real culture-building. We've turned our love of the design process and obsession with old-world materials into Team Building experiences full of creative expression, great bites and drinks, and hands-on tactile learning through the craft of leatherworking. Waiting doesn't accomplish anything, except for allowing Ted win, and Ted wants to take you to a puzzle room again.  Reach us at or (206) 930-6286. Or fill out this form and let us contact you.

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