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You are the opener of doors - from cars to houses to the shed for your pet dragon - and you carry keys. How do you keep them within hand’s reach, but not uncomfortably jamming into your leg or swinging against your hip? We've crafted this minimal leather key sheath that will fit easily alongside your phone, wallet, or anything else you need to carry.

The Emory keysaver saves your bags and pockets by turning your keys into a swiss army knife and hiding them inside a durable leather case.


Our keysavers are made from full-grain, vegetable-tan, locally sourced belt leather. Each piece is cut, dyed, stamped and assembled by hand. 

Fits up to 7 keys with ¼” hole

Brass Ring fits all larger keys (such as car FOBs).

Hardware: solid cast-brass, antiqued finish


Size: 3.5” x 1”

Chicago Screw Post: ¼” diameter post, ½” tall.

Keyring: 1.25” diameter


We are a team of five handcrafting leather and canvas goods in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Each piece may have slight variations in coloration, appearance and texture. Handcrafting pieces from start-to-finish means we are able to accommodate special requests, just ask.

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